Urban nights

Paolo Conte in his lectio magistralis for his laurea ad honorem suggests an interesting exercise: to imagine the time of the day drawn in a painting. What time is it in the Dance of Matisse? And what about the scream of Munch? Or the Mona lisa?
I think it is interesting to apply the same idea to cities. When is a certain city splendid, interesting, charming, unique? At what hour?
While working a little bit around different cities i realize that in my memories what i recall in urban space is not so much its feature but a specific moment.
These moments are often evenings because darkness increase intimacy not only towards people but also toward our surroundings.
For Tokyo, I remember walking back home through small similar irregular alleys. These formed a labyrinth that probably Borges would have liked. There, for the first and only time in my life, i completed an involuntary circle and after 2 h found  my self in the same exact spot, confused and speechless.

Beijing, despite all the destruction that was made in the last 30 years, has a specific moment in which it is splendid. It is around 1 am during winter nights. Inside the second ring road. At that moment, with a dark bright sky, one can see the shadow of the hutongs on both side of the alley. The branches of a tree will extend above the roofline. Silent and naked.  The moon is shining above. Silence all around and a thick cold air.

Phnom Penh has change a lot. Probably, according to most, in the better but I still remember that in 2010 most of the streets at nights were dark. That darkness was different. That darkness showed abandon. That darkness was a scar but it also showed possibility and hope. It always reminded me of the first scene of the movie Sur.

And one more tip: you might consider to hire personal bodyguard to feel safe.



The mean jakob: reasons for leaving

Sometimes I think why I left a country. I think it is interesting to say it just with one sentence.

Japan: not enough street markets

China: way too capitalist.

Cambodia: there is no space and desire for poetry.

Asian WWII

In Jilin province there is a korean minority (that in some area becomes the majority). Why?
Since in western schools we almost do not look at what happened in WWII in Asia I thought I should collect some basic information.

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