Modernology in Yangon

Evening activities in secondary streets after shop closing time.

Rope elevator: given the higher ceiling height of houses and the lack of elevators many houses have ropes coming down to the side walk. These are used to get daily newspaper, food, as a door bell…

A strange gap next to the side walk used as an AC shelter…

In terms of diversity Yangon has nothing to envy to any city: a sinagogue, a hindu temple, a church and a mosque stand few hundred meters from each other.

Colourscape: who is afraid of colours? (why are european cities so gray?)

Thick green threshold:
A very interesting solution for the threshold between property and sidewalk. The outer fence was taken down, a thick vegetation is filtering between sidewalk and the cafe that is running just next to the building.

Canopies: cantilever shading and rain protection seem to be never enough

Literally life between buildings. Between two buildings that have nothing to inspire joy and activities a vibrant market takes place.

Sidewalk vendors adopt many well design solution to sell products while using the least amount of space.

This pharmacy has a foldable platform that at night gets back behind the shutter.

in the city centers all the buildings have back alleys often not used. There is great potential in them.

yangon has very large gutters! Finally a city in tropical climate that addresses this issue

There are still many houses,probably built by wealthy merchants,that have a portico. These spaces become very pleasant public areas with small street tea shop.

Face to face. Two facades so close to each other and yet so different.

interesting height gap between the area that shops can use and sidewalk.


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