In the last four years, together with Eva Lloyd and Richard Briggs, I have designed and run a workshop called Street Life StudiesThe course aims to improve understanding of how public spaces get modified, occupied and used by people.Previously I have been tutoring and teaching design studios in several universities in Europe and Asia.

Street Life Studies is an elective course of the University of New South Wales. It runs in partnership with Phnom Penh Royal University

The course aims to compare public spaces in Sydney and Phnom Penh through post occupancy analysis.

Student do qualitative and qualitative studies to better understand how users appropriate public areas.

At the end of the course, the research informs a small design intervention.

Learning activities include lectures, site visits, games.

Exhibition at the end of the course.

Lecture on Phnom Penh urban history.

Workshop at Hunnarshala with a study on soil erosion.

Exhibition for the Master in Urban Design at Politecnico of Milan.

Presentation during Nerd Night in Phnom Penh

Teaching and tutoring

University of New South Wales, Sydney Street Life Studies/ lecturer 2018
University of New South Wales, Street Life Studies / course convenor 2016
University of New South Wales, Informal workshop in Phnom Penh, tutor. 2015
Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu Street Life Studies Kathmandu / workshop  2017
Politecnico of Milan Tutor in the Master of Urban Interior 2014
Politecnico of Milan Tutor in Design Studio 3, interior architecture dept., 2006
Norton University, Phnom Penh, Architecture Design Studio 3 2010/2011
Norton University,Architecture Design Studio 5 WS 2010 and SS 2011
Limkokwing University, Phnom Penh Interior Design Studio 1 2010/2011
Limkokwing University, Interior Design Studio 3 WS 2010 and SS 2011
Architecture University of Yadz, tutor in the workshop:Culture of living, Iran 2006
University of Yogjakarta,tutor in the workshop “Culture of living”, Indonesia 2006