Zhongxian museum

crossboundaries architects together with the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design is proposing a new urban planning for the central area of the city of Zhongxian.

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Q Bar

We were approached by the owners of Q Bar to design the new rooftop.
The design was asked to solve several issue: contain the sound produced by the clientele, create an environment half enclosed, with different views, with places to partially hide.
We thought that the best solution in this case was to use an architectural device that could partially enclose vertically and horizontally the space.It is abstract, almost as a sculpture, a vertical stele 3.5m high. By duplicating this device on the rooftop the space is organized, separated, fragmented. The result is an environment that allows intimacy and stimulate curiosity.

My role: project architect
Project Name: Q Bar rooftop
Location: Beijing, China
Architect: crossboundaries architects, Beijing
Area: 480 sm
Design period: April 2009
Construction: May/June 2009

Family Box

Family Box is something between a playground and a kindergarten, being used both by children ad adults. It hosts different kinds of activities, from swimming, playing games to various classes ranging from music and crafting to cooking. Further more there is a big playframe, a bookshop and a generous café area.

The different size and height between adult and child was the starting point for considering Family Box should be made by two types of spaces: a kids-scale space and an adult-scale space. How to find an inspiring balance between them? How to combine the different needs?

Project Name: Family Box
My role: designer (DD phase)
Beijing, China
Client: Children Enterprise (UK) Limited
Architectcrossboundaries architects, Beijing
Site area: 38,000 sqm
Building Footprint: 4,000 sqm
Gross floor area: 5,500 sqm
Design period: August 2008 – February 2009
Construction period: August 2008 – December 2009