I have completed a MSc in Environmental Engineering at Newcastle University with a dissertation on Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment for the use of biosolids in agriculture in Uganda. The final result is an estimated of risk for infection and a series of suggestions on management practices. This project is developed in partnership with the Swedish University of Agricultural Science and Makerere University.
Since September 2019 I am a research assistant at the university on a 5 year project on water security. This position is giving me the possibility of better understanding the connection between climate-water systems-society at different dimensional scales.

University Modules taken.

Core Concepts in Environmental Engineering, Introduction to Practical Hydraulics, Water Supply and Treatment, Wastewater Engineering, Solid Waste Management, Environmental Engineering for Developing Countries, Environmental Engineering Design and Project Management, Air Pollution, Borehole Design Construction and Operation, Water Management.


Field work:
groundwater quality sampling, borehole pump test, sampling for pathogenic presence on soil, sludge and vegetables, air quality monitoring.

Lab work:
water quality (nitrite, nitrate, E.coli, titration, qPCR), pollutants in groundwater (IPC-MS, ICP-OES), presence of pathogen in different matrix (soil, sludge, vegetables).

LaTex,excel, R, tableau, MathCAD, QGIS, Archicad, EPANET

Work samples.

Course work report samples available at this page. Password provided in the application or by request.