I have covered a management position in different types of projects. Tasks included team management and supervision, liaison with project stakeholders, monitoring and reporting. Below a brief description of the main projects I worked on.

Reconstruction in Nepal.

Working for Kam For Sud in the district of Ramechhapp I have been managing different programs that supported the reconstruction process: the construction of a public clinic, the construction of two schools, training programs and technical support to the local house holds.

Work tasks included: team management, financial monitoring, planning of project activities, organization, monitoring and evaluation of training program, coordination with other stakeholders (community, governmental members, donors), reporting. 

Five community centers.

Commissioned by Australian Aid, the project required to design (in a participative mode), monitor and build five centers in the communities that relocated to rural Cambodia due to the railway expansion. The first phase of the project included design activities run in the community to define the requirements and the design of each center. Focus group discussion using different medium were used to better visualize and communicate ideas. In the second phase of the project, construction was implemented within budget and time-frame.

Certificate in construction management.

Through this course run by RICS I strengthened and formalized my knowledge of the core elements of construction project management. 

Course content: The legal framework for construction projects | Construction technology and environmental services | Understanding the Client’s requirements | Feasibility Studies and Option Appraisals | Project process and procedures | BIM | Procurement and tendering | Team working, Management and Leadership Skills | Risk management | Project Finances and their management | Contract practice and administration | Project audit and evaluation.