Planning & Design

Have worked as architect, designer and planner in wide range of projects. Supported NGOs and communities in creating housing and urban upgrading plans.

Shelter and housing

In Cambodia I was involved in the design of low-cost housing settlements [5,6]. In Nepal post earthquake emergency response for shelter [7] and housing reconstruction [8].

Designing with communities

The importance of stakeholders involvement in the planning process is finally being acknowledged widely. I had the opportunity of working on projects where consultations run with the community were a key component of the design process.
In some cases the initial design brief for a community center needed to be revised to match the actual need of the users [1,4]. In other cases stakeholder involvement was essential to understand alternative planning possibilities for urban communities in fear of eviction [2].
Community involvement is something needed even in context as Tokyo [3]: Tokyo University students were involved in creating a 90m long map of research themes in the visual form of a forest.
Overall these experiences were very helpful in to better understand strength and weaknesses of this process and how to integrate stakeholders’ opinion.

Architectural design

Project for private clients ranging from industrial headquarters [9], to hospitality and private housing.


experienced in designing several typologies of building (private residential, collective housing, office headquarter, factories, public buildings). Proficient in BIM (Archicad). 

able to supervise construction sites ensuring quality standards are met, able to find alternative building solutions in collaboration with contractors.

experienced in detailing using different construction technologies (cement, stone, wood, CSEB, bricks).

Team leadership:
able to guide and manage a design team within deadlines and clients requirements.


Project list (selected):

[1] Design and construction of 5 community centers, Cambodia, AUSAid
[2] Alternative Housing Plans, Cambodia, STT
[3] Thinking Forest urban installation, Japan, Studio Han Design
[4] Oudong Community Center, Cambodia, Habitat for Humanity
[5] Low cost housing feasibility study, Pour un soiree d’enfant, Cambodia
[6] Housing units, Cambodia, Habitat for Humanity
[7] Temporary School after earthquake, Nepal, Abari
[8] Post earthquake housing reconstruction, Nepal, Kam for Sud
[9] Aimer head quarter, project architect at crossboundaries architects

Relevant work experience in development:

Reconstruction manager, Kam For Sud, Nepal 12.2016 – 07.2018
Site supervisor, Abari, Nepal 06.2015
Architectural Consultant (PT), AE Engineering, Cambodia 10.2013 – 04.2016
Contractor for AusAID, Cambodia 03.2013- 08.2014
Consultant for People In Need 06.2013- 01.2014
Consultant for Habitat for Humanity, 05.2013-11.2013
Consultant for Sahmakun Teang Tnaut, Cambodia 2010-2011

Relevant work experience in commercial design:

Freelance architectural consultant, 2014-now
Co-director of Studio Publico, 2010-2014
Project architect at crossboundaries architects, Beijing 09.2008-01.2010
Designer at Studio Han Design, Tokyo 01.2007-07.2008
Assistant designer at Kazuyo Komoda Design, Milan (PT) 07.2005-09.2006