2014-2015 Moving west, India and Nepal

After few years of work, feeling that things are getting repetitive I have decided to take a few months off and move to India. I spent two months in Ladakh building a school with Csoma’s Room Volunteers. Than I moved south to stay for two months at Hunnarshala. At the end of the year I moved to Kathmandu, worked at Prabal Thapa Architects and helped at Abari for the post-earthquake support.

2011 Founded collective studio, Phnom Penh.

Together with Eva Lloyd, that I met in Phnom Penh, we founded collective studio. We have been working mainly on three areas: commercial, development and advocacy.

2010 Moved to Cambodia, as a volunteer at STT 

I ended up in Cambodia while looking for possibilities to use my skills for projects that had a social impact. As a volunteer I was involved in urban upgrading projects and in creating alternative development plans for poor urban communities. In addition for two semester I taught at Norton and Limkokwing university .

2010 Worked as project architect at Archea Associati, Beijing office.

For the last 6 months of my stay in china I worked for Archea where I developed two sustainable masterplans for the city of Nanjing and for Hainan island.

2009 Worked as project architect at crossboundaries architects, Beijing.

After 18 months in the good heart giant (tokyo) then i felt I needed more experience in architectural design and construction: i then moved to China. I started to work at Studio Zhu Pei. In less than two months it was clear to both of us it was time to stop the collaboration. I then moved to a smaller and younger studio: crossboundaries architects.As a project architect I successfully led the team to complete different projects ranging from interior design to design of factory. My involvement in projects went from early conceptual phase to construction site supervision. In addition I was involved in the studio management, website promotion and studio visual identity.

2007 Worked as a designer at Studio Han Design, Tokyo

I then moved east, to Tokyo in search of diversity. I think the reason for this move was a growing awareness, developed especially in two previous university workshops in Indonesia and Iran, that there is a whole world outside the design ghetto ( milan, london, ny,paris…) that uses design in another way. With other approaches and with other attitudes. At SHD  I could focus on urbanscape design in the form of  installations in urban space, communication campaign of Shinjuku ward and designing aluminium fence and gate systems.

2006 Worked as a designer at Kazuyo Komoda Design, Milan.

During my time at the studio I had the chance of working on interior design for shops, product design for companies as Driade and Calligaris; developing new concepts for washing machine for Panasonic Japan. Exhibition design for the Saint Etienne design Biennale.

Studies in Milan, Koln, Helsinki.

My academic background started in the field of interior architecture in Milan. Taking part in the Master of European Design I had the opportunity of studying abroad for two years. So I found myself studying audiovisual rethoric with Gui Bonsiepe and ecology design with Horntrich inKoln. I even had one of my first professional experiences at yellow design. The following year I moved toHelsinki. After absorbing some of the quiet professionalism of the finns I had a summer internship at Atelier Van Lieshout.
Once back to Milan it took me an extra year to graduate due to extra curricular activities (an internship at Park Associati, some tutoring at university, freelance projects and a part-time job at Kazuyo Komoda Design ). I finally graduate with a thesis on widespread hospitality facilities for a fashion brand in which a new operational hypothesis was proposed: in a saturated environment as european city centre, we should think about hospitality facilities ( in my case a hotel) in terms of networking, of outsourcing, and fragmentation.

1981 Born in Milan.