Unexpected ordinary thumbnail image

Unexpected ordinary


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Towards Tumen thumbnail image

Towards Tumen


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Outside Milan thumbnail image

Outside Milan


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collaborative studio


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Bangkok streets thumbnail image

Bangkok streets


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A break fast in nibutani thumbnail image

A break fast in nibutani

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Vann Molyvann exhibition thumbnail image

Vann Molyvann exhibition


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Battambong thumbnail image



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Welcome to the parody of the real thumbnail image

Welcome to the parody of the real


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Dark Angkor thumbnail image

Dark Angkor


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Angkor 1 thumbnail image

Angkor 1

When visiting places like Angkor, whose image has been over-duplicated, it is hard to find a way to look at them. On one side the distance, due to our ignorance about what we are looking, on the other the necessary personal glance that each of us has. I cannot say I have ...

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Across the mekong thumbnail image

Across the mekong


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Concrete ghosts thumbnail image

Concrete ghosts

Tiziano Terzani wrote that Cambodia is full of ghosts, of traces as in Kep where the old summer villas suddenly appear....

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One morning, 8 am, outside Kampot thumbnail image

One morning, 8 am, outside Kampot

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Phnom Penh university thumbnail image

Phnom Penh university


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Iran thumbnail image



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P104,105 thumbnail image


Community 104, 105 near Phnom Penh station that burnt in march. Planning for reconstruction are under negotiation.

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St 278 thumbnail image

St 278


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Bokor Hill thumbnail image

Bokor Hill


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A river thumbnail image

A river


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Beong Chumpon thumbnail image

Beong Chumpon

The community is located just outside Phnom Penh central area. Site visit with NGO that is measuring the houses of the inhabitants. This documentation hopefully will help them to gain rights above their land.

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Tulou thumbnail image



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Suzhou thumbnail image


China has a great variety of ethnicity. Most of them also had very interesting architectural typologies. Unfortunately today, due to the short sight, greediness and ignorance of the leading class these examples of diversity are either demolished or turned into a disney park for tourist. Instead of understanding how these ...

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Opaque landscape thumbnail image

Opaque landscape

Today's society praises transparency, vastness, visibility, fame, recognizability. I went to huang shan in the autumn of 2009....

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Jiu Hua Shan thumbnail image

Jiu Hua Shan


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Generic territory thumbnail image

Generic territory


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Working class thumbnail image

Working class

In China very often the picture of the working staff are hanged on the ...

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Vastness thumbnail image


Chinese open space are always over-scaled for our sensitivity

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Sketches of Tokyo thumbnail image

Sketches of Tokyo

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umberto galimberti: noi, viandanti senza più meta tratto da “la repubblica”, 12 settembre 2006 con il suo sopraggiungere, l’età della tecnica ha tagliato senza esitazione le radici che affondavano l’etica nel territorio stabile dell’eterno, e successivamente in quello meno stabile, anche se più responsabile, della previsione futura. ciò costrinse l’etica a inseguire ...

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From the airport thumbnail image

From the airport

Moving quicly through the territory does not let us see what is between cities

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guoan thumbnail image



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Silicon thumbnail image


At the ...

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Beijing ice thumbnail image

Beijing ice


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Chinese class thumbnail image

Chinese class

Miss Zhang comes early in the morning. We sit in another room of the office space. 90 minutes and my head is without energy.

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A roof thumbnail image

A roof

The second office I worked at had an accessible roof. One can see easily where the second ring of the city filled with old hutongs end. outside, as a tsunami wave of development, the modern city.

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Construction site thumbnail image

Construction site

Beijing. Construction ...

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 thumbnail image



Kashgar thumbnail image



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Lyon thumbnail image



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Fog thumbnail image


People that come to Milan usually do not like its fog but if you grew there you might feel its charme.

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Lower than Ozu thumbnail image

Lower than Ozu


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Colors of Takao thumbnail image

Colors of Takao


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Shiro thumbnail image


An opening of exhibition of Kuramata's furniture.  We have not  forgot.

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Odaiba thumbnail image



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Golden Nikko thumbnail image

Golden Nikko


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Morning temple thumbnail image

Morning temple


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Scilla tombs thumbnail image

Scilla tombs

During one ...

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Tokyo room 2 thumbnail image

Tokyo room 2

My first room in Tokyo. Very central, 90,000 yen for a 12/14 m2. The ...

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Hallway thumbnail image


Sometimes interior space, to our westerner eyes, seem aseptic

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Jet lag thumbnail image

Jet lag


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Tenno thumbnail image


When the ...

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Temaki thumbnail image


Temaki with firends

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4 tatami  room thumbnail image

4 tatami room

The third room in Tokyo was even smaller than the other. No more than 4 tatami. A double bed would leave only 40 cm space. At that size the room is a niche and furniture is not necessary.

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Self portrait as a shell thumbnail image

Self portrait as a shell

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Matsuri fire thumbnail image

Matsuri fire

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A dam thumbnail image

A dam


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Nibutani thumbnail image


In Nibutani ...

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Waiting thumbnail image



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Hokkaido rocks thumbnail image

Hokkaido rocks


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Tomakomai thumbnail image


An afternoon ...

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Hokkaido mountain thumbnail image

Hokkaido mountain


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Ocha thumbnail image


Tea fields ...

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Green Japan thumbnail image

Green Japan


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 thumbnail image

Before that ...


Nara thumbnail image


In nara ...

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Kinkakuji thumbnail image


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Hanami thumbnail image


Cherry blossom in Tokyo.  Nature and artifice.

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Tachinomi thumbnail image


Tachinomi in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. Soon this area will be "redeveloped".

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Setagaya thumbnail image


At night, ...

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Takayama thumbnail image



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Towards Takayama thumbnail image

Towards Takayama

As in an ink painting the mountains keep appearing and disappearing under a vest ...

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Matsuri thumbnail image


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